Feline Fresh Naturals Pine Cat Litter

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For a cleaner, safer home, try Feline Fresh Natural Pine Cat Litter. The litter pellets are 100% Southern Pine, a wood that naturally inhibits bacteria growth and neutralizes odor. Feline Fresh absorbs 4-times more fluid than traditional clay litters, making it a more economical choice. Additionally, clay and clumping litters come from devastating strip mining, while Feline Pine is made from reclaimed wood shavings. And because Feline Fresh is 100% natural, it can be dumped on the compost heap, used as mulch, or simply flushed away. Gentle on the planet and safe for your home, Feline Fresh Natural Pine Litter lets you and your cat breathe easier. * Environmentally responsible litter made from reclaimed pine shavings * 4-times more absorbent than traditional clay or clumping litters * Southern Pine pellets neutralize odors naturally – without added perfumes or chemicals * Designed for multiple cat homes * Non-toxic, non-tracking and completely free of silica dust * 100% natural litter may be used as mulch or simply flushed away * Manufacturer’s estimate: 7 lb bag lasts approximately 4 weeks

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